2017 in review!

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2017 in review!

Postby jtracr » Sun Dec 17, 2017 10:03 pm

When we have our "off season" using that term loosely, I like to reflect back at our racing season. My mind keeps venturing back to 2016, that was such a great year for us. So how did we follow up our "fairy tail" season? Well I look at it as we will have highs and we have lows, just like everything in life. 2017 was tough for me as a dad not having a Jr comp car in the field full time. We did manage to put 8 different drivers in one of our cars including both of Ron Capps kids, that was pretty cool.

Caden went up into 10-12 yo group, a very tough jump. We have always struggled on our first year there with all our kids. He did win a SCEDA race in a tough field, that was our highlight. We have a good 8.90 combo so I am looking forward to starting all over into 2018.

Carlie started 2017 without a win under her belt yet, she had 5 or 6 runner ups in the first two seasons just couldn't seem to finish it. Well she took what she had learned as a driver and we added her brother's motor/clutch combo from the previous season and earned her first win! Well actually she won 6 or more times making a great season. She ended up track champ at ANRA, an accomplishment that none of my four previous kids have done!

We did not attend either the WCF or ECF race this year, we had attended those for 12 years stright. We talked out as a family and with the dates not working for most of D7 we didn't want to attend Tulsa. I just couldn't justify taking off enough time to attend ECF. So we were kinda bummed out not going BUT it did free up some $$$$ to promote a race at home, something we have wanted to do for a long time! We did this as a memorial race for Brad Gordon and with a ton of help I feel this event was a huge success. We had a great race, gave out some cool trophies, give out a good amount of cash, and most importantly raised well over 6k for Sheri Gordon. I would have to say that event was the highlight of our season as an entire team.

Well I have spent the entire weekend working on race cars and trailer updates. WHY? Well our off season seems over before the 2018 year even starts! We are testing this Thursday in preparation for 2018. I have swapped cars with Carlie and been working to get that ready PLUS we are racing Dec 29-31! So I am still not sure if that is closing 2017 or a new start for 2018? I guess either works. I am just VERY thankful that we get the opportunity to do what we do as a family. The time we get to spend as a family is priceless!

So everyone have a merry Christmas and a safe new year's. If you don't have plans come out to Tucson AZ and race, we'll be there!
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