front tires on a dragster

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front tires on a dragster

Postby 1hotheadracing » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:25 pm

this weekend at the divs 2 finals a friend and myself learned something i think you allshould know.he had on three runs in a row he has the same front tire go flat and lost the beads.after talking to some one he taught us that it was because he left the valve cap off and the force of the wheel speed the core would open and have the air come out.put the cap on that rim and no more problem with the rim or tire.this guy told us that it is a problem with the rim makers valves that they us.the rim make i can not remeber who it is put his rims have jegs writen on if you run them make sure you install the caps on the rims after you check you air pressure.we tried a used tire,cleaned the rim and tire and removed some of the powder coating and it was only the cap,go figure that one. smiley-roll
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Postby Pool Man » Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:00 am

Thanks for the info. I forget who's our rims are. I know on our's (like most) there is a design flaw in the way they are mounted to the rim. Myself and others tried to reason with the company about their design to no avail. Only they would say is "send us the rim and tire and we will mount it for you and you will not have a problem with the stem. They did not want to hear how to fix the real problem.
Thanks for the info. That is really good to know.
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