12.90 Index help

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12.90 Index help

Postby Honey » Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:05 pm

12.90 Index Set ups

This page was designed for all of those struggling with the 12.90 index class.

We have also asked some of our 12.90 friends to submit their input and we would like to thank them for this information.
Travis was in this group for 2 years and we found it very difficult to go from always trying to go faster with his brother Brian to slowing his car so it was with in the age defined limits of IHRA and NHRA.

Robert - Texas:
275 lb car, stoke bore, stock stoke no porting. 340 Salsbury Clutch, 3,500 RPM stall, 12 / 86 Gear, 19â€
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