Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

Postby Honey » Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:08 pm


I know this is under Drivers Ed, however I think it is the MOST IMPORTANT THING TO TEACH THE KIDS: If Anything happens on the track (throttle stuck, loss of breaks, or other things) KILL THE ENGINE and get to the side of the track. For the little guys, if something happens on the track STAY IN THE CAR (it is the safest place). Some of the older kids know that if they get out they get out on the wall side and make sure it is safe. We have seen a child that the throttle was stuck and they did not kill the engine they tried to make the turn off an could not. We have also had a car cut of at the top end of the track and the officials did not see them and they sent another pair of cars down the track.

Always check that the seat belts and restraints are on properly and secure. It is not often that something happens in these juniors but it CAN happen. So please protect your kids.

Do not let your kids loosen the seat belts at the top end so they can see the other car. We have heard of people doing that and it is just dangerous and in my opinion not worth the risk.

Earlier on this page we discussed leaving the lanes. It is not a rule but a courtesy to have the car that is farthest from the return road to turn off of the track first and the car closest to the return road will go last. This is not always followed however just teach them to keep and eye on the other guy. Just because you follow the rules and courtesy not everybody does.
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