Driver Education

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Driver Education

Postby Honey » Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:09 pm

Driver Education
NOTE: The majority of this information is about safety! You always want to be as safe as you can be; both for your family and the family of others. Before the kids get into the cars I like to take them to the track and sit across from the starting line and let them see how the other cars stage.
I also like to take them for a walk on the track (If the track allows this. Most will if you let them know what you are doing and you get their before the racing starts.) and let them turn on the pre-stage and stage lights with their foot. This way they can see that it is not that far between.

I also like to talk to them about what happens during the race. I try to explain to them as much as possible that way they understand what is going on. I like to explain to them about how reaction time is important. Tell them how to get in the water box. Tell them why when they race another car may start after they do and how the lights will come down.

I also take them up on the tow vehicles and show them the staging lanes and tell them what happens. Then take them to the end of the track and show them the return road. Tell them how to get off the return road. If the track allows. Take them up the track on the tow vehicle show them how to get close to the wall to get off the track (remember this is not a go cart and they have LONG front ends).

Also explain to them the right of way on the track. Most people follow this rule. The car that is farthest from the return road will exit the track first. This way the car closest to the return road can wait until the other car passes and then get in the other lane and then they can make the turn.

We put Travis in a go cart before we let him get in his car. This way he could get use to the gas on the right and the break on the left. This will also teach the child how the motor/car responds to the throttle. It will teach your child how to steer. This is a very good way of teaching a child to drive because it is in a very friendly environment. There are no crowds or pressures to race. Just one less thing for the child to worry about.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO TEACH THE KIDS : If ANYTHING happens on the track (throttle stuck, loss of breaks, or other things) KILL THE ENGINE and get to the side of the track. For the little guys, if something happens on the track STAY IN THE CAR (it is the safest place) Some of the older kids know that if they get out they get out on the wall side and make sure it is safe. We have seen a child that the throttle was stuck and they did not kill the engine they tried to make the turn off an could not. We have also had a car cut of at the top end of the track and the officials did not see them and they sent another pair of cars down the track.
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