How the "Pool Man" got his name

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How the "Pool Man" got his name

Postby Honey » Sat Jan 10, 2009 10:19 pm

Ok, pull up a chair and I will tell the story of a man, a jr dragster, a pool and a weekend that went from bad to real bad.

On weekend (Saturday) abt. 3yrs ago we were at the track. Both the cars we were running ran real bad. They ran so bad we got our money back, loaded everything back in the trailer and went home. I did not touch anything all that day. The next day (Sunday) I decided that I would go out and see what I could do with one of the cars. It was my oldest sons car. A guy that I knew had given me a new carb to try. It was a Lectron. Well, I put this carb on in front of the garage.

Having never had this carb on the engine before did not know what it would do. Did not know if it would run or not. I thought my son Brian had taken the belt off. I started the car to adjust the carb. Well, the idle was so high or the slide was stuck open. The car shot across the yard. Best 60' times we have ever had.

Just missing hitting HONEY (my wife) and hits the above ground pool at full throttle.

It tears a 3-4 foot long hole in the pool. It dumped 17,000 gallons of water over mine and 5 of my neighbors yards. Honey runs over to the car and starts trying to pull the nose of it out of the pool. I walk over to the deck and just sit down. Finally she looks over at me still tugging on the car and yells ARE YOU GOING TO HELP ME GET THIS THING OUT OR NOT?

I just looked at her and said why bother. After finally getting my legs back under me I got the car out, put it on a flat bed trailer we had on the side of the yard. My son comes home and finds his car all busted up. Boy was he upset. It tore the nose of the body of and broke the "A" arm from the chassis and bent the rim. Boy what a day.

The next day i was out working on the van and something was going wrong with that. I had a screw driver in my hand. In shear discuss I LIGHTLY tossed the screw driver into the air. It hits the trailer, bounces off and the tip of the screw driver hits dead in the middle of the bay window. So now we to go along with all the water we had in the yard we now have glass all over the drive. Honey comes home and ask what happened. I told her. She leads me by the hand into the house, sits me on the couch and DEMANDED that i sit there and touch nothing else. That was our weekend.

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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